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High School Graduation - r2roswell

May. 25th, 2007 07:20 pm High School Graduation

I would like to go off the books for a moment (this being my 4400 character RP and everything) but right now my RL is more important:

I am an official alumni!!!

It's so weird. The ceremony was amazing. When I was up on stage and they called my name, I froze for a second, I had to remind my legs to move and so I walked proudly across as I recieved my diploma. The ceremony lasted 2 hrs but it felt really really really short.

Afterwords, another school was getting ready to head inside. And lucky enough, I came across a guy who I had played soccer for about 5 years. We were hopign to see him and thank God we did. God also gave me and my family another surprise. We saw a friend who was also graduating whom I went to elementary with! I never expected to see her so it was a great blessing.

So this is it, my high school years are over.

I think I can proudly say it in the words of Liz Parker from Roswell:

"So that's the end. Our life [in...] What a long strange trip it's been. Will we [the class of 2007] ever go back? ...I don't know... Even I can't see everything in the future."

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